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While visiting both Ecuador and South Africa in recent years, we noticed a trend. There are people, usually kids, who would love to play an instrument but can't. Sometimes it's a guitar. Sometimes it's drums. Sometimes they just want to make noise. On these trips, we've had the opportunity to give guitars to young people who have a little guitar knowledge, but no guitar to practice with. This was a lifechanging moment for them. Now they are learning.




As word spread, we've even had someone in Zambia ask if we could provide a piano for their church. This is the first major piece of how we're joining forces with others to impact people's lives all over the world. With musical instruments.


If you have a new or gently used instrument that you'd like to donate, please fill out the contact form and include the instrument type with a rough estimate of the instrument's value (for your tax purposes). Chances are, we know someone who's life will be changed because of your generosity.



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