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Our big thing is relationships, so we started exploring additional ways to expand our networks and  learn from likeminded people, all the while equipping the Church. After hearing people complain about the cost of large worship training events and the lack of personal engagement with 1000s of people, we dreamt up our 360 Worship Jam. This personalized event is a one day experience meant to both think about worship in a broad sense, but to find very practical tools and resources as well. As one attendee from Baltimore described it, "It's one part devotional, one part hands on class, one part small group, and one part humbling...and it's just what I needed."

Essentially, we bring the worship conference to you for a small fraction of the cost of larger events. We'll spend all day on a Saturday sharing, learning, practicing and worshiping and end the night with a big Night of Worship, open to everyone whether you were a part of the Worship Jam or not. Does this sound like something you'd be interested in providing to your church or local churches?


To inquire about scheduling a 360 Worship Jam, scheduling a private training event, 

consulting or any other needs, please fill out the contact form with some general info.


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